Cloudimage release notes
Cloudimage release notes

Cloudimage 21.12 Released!

This monthly release is categorized as follow:

  • BT (Beta Testing): feature in Beta, feedback welcome!
  • SR (Stable Release): tested and stable after 1 release in BT (~ 1 month)
  • RI (Resolved Issues): resolved issues and problems, tested and stable

Admin Console

  • (SR) Usage dashboards

Added metrics and links for most seen errors 5xx and 4xx in the "Stats & Logs" general menu.

  • (SR) Token information

Improved token switching experience (for multi-tokens accounts) and added tokens' allowance information on home and in onboarding.

  • (RI) MFA not sending code Solved an accessibility issue with our text message providers (email MFA was however working fine) that didn't allow you to verify the phone number or use phone-based MFA.

Plugins & Integrations

  • (SR) Wordpress plugin improvements

Published the latest version with JS mode improvement, and a remove v7 in URL toggle switch.